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FAQs: High Holy Days

Our suggested Minimum Contributions are:

     26 Years or Over:
     $45 - $125   per person   per each High Holy Day Service.

     13 through 25 years:
     $25 - $60     per person   per each High Holy Day Service.

     For Family Services only:
     $45 – $125   per family   per each Family Holy Day Service.
     A Family is defined as Parent(s) -or- Other Adult(s)
     plus Children.

Our Minimum Contributions are low by NYC standards. We understand a few individuals may need to give less. We depend on your generosity and honesty so those who have less can share the Holy Days with us.

If our $45 minimum ($20 for those age 13 through 25) is impossible, please contact us (Reservations@TorahNYC.org) before the Holy Days for Scholarship assistance.

If you have not contacted us ahead of time, you are welcome to discreetly discuss your needs with Annette or Kevin at the Registration Table.

Following services on Rosh Hashanah (Mon Oct 3) we are hosting a Reception with Wine and Hors d'Oeuvres from 1230-1pm while the families will be with Rabbi Fridkis and Cantor Anesi for a Family Service.

At 1pm we will hold a Festive Holiday Luncheon.

All attending services are invited to lunch as our guests (no additional charge), so please RSVP for Lunch as well!

Reservations@TorahNYC.org       RSVP + ?s

877-867-2441                                RSVP + ?s

Text@TorahNYC.org                     Last Minute RSVP